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YPR advisory


No Credentials. Stellar Advice.


Guidance for parents who want to raise their children to be grateful, mindful, unspoiled, motivated, happy, and ethical.


Helping individuals live with purpose, clarity, fulfilment, and focus.


Helping couples communicate more effectively and resolve their issues.

About YPR

YPR is an author and personal advisor to a highly limited number of clients around the world. He provides parenting advice, relationship advice, and guidance to individuals who wish to live with gratitude, mindfulness, positivity, and with a clear compass to guide their actions. He specializes in addressing the unique challenges of parents in their efforts to raise children who are unspoiled, grateful, motivated, happy, and ethical. He is the author of the two book series, Happiness and Heroism: The School of Being, The School of Doing.

YPR is not a licensed therapist, psychologist, doctor, or holder of any sort of formal certification. He views this as a positive. He lives happily and heroically with his family on a small farm near Nashville, Tennessee.



Aristotle held that virtue is a mean—not an end, and is the only practical road to effective action. Success, therefore, is not an accomplishment, rather a way of being—a path one walks. Many people believe success has to do with one's wealth or accomplishments. In truth, it is not what you achieve in life, rather how you live your life—the path that you walk each and every day—that reflects your ultimate success.

Your positive emotional state and the noble actions you choose to take each day are at the very basis of your success as a human being. The ideal state of emotional fulfillment is what YPR refers to as Happiness. The ideal form of noble day-to-day action is what he calls Heroism.​

Some of YPR's guiding ideas are described in his two book series, Happiness & Heroism: The School of Being, The School of Doing. He effectively helps people establish positive, life-altering habits, attitudes, and routines; to navigate challenging times both emotionally and in action; to respond with wisdom to specific situations; to integrate meditation and mindfulness into their busy lifestyles; to help parents raise their kids to be grateful, unspoiled, motivated, happy, and ethical; and give a wise perspective on virtually any other area of life that his clients desire help with.

In a personal letter to YPR, legendary writer and humorist Kurt Vonnegut wrote, “Dear YPR, The toughest part of my job is dealing with people who write better and think more clearly that I do. You may already know that Nietzsche said that only people of deep faith can afford the luxury of skepticism. This could explain your aplomb and mine in the midst of moral chaos.” Of what faith was the esteemed Mr. Vonnegut referring to? It is the deep faith in the Goodness of Existence, which is the title of Chapter 1 in "The School of Being."

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